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How to Maintain Your Lawn

Lawn maintenance needs to be addressed if you want to keep your yard healthy. It may sound like a lot of work, but now that there are more convenient options, it can be easier. We are sure that this guide will work and you will have your brand new ZTR mower out in no time.

Today, you can already install an automatic sprinkler system that does all the work for you. One great example of this is the Rain Bird Automatic Sprinkler System. You can find this item at your local home improvement shops or from several online platforms. Instead of sloppily watering your lawn with a hose, this sprinkler evenly spreads a sheet of water on your grass. Thus, it allows you to conserve water. If you want a fast installation and effective watering system, this is the best item to get.

The secret to a long lasting sprinkler is to check it once in a while. But what are you going to look for? As you do your monthly checkups, see to it that you completely look out for:

  • Leakage – See if there are any leakages on your sprinkler. If it does, you’ll need to replace the broken parts.
  • Back Flow Checkups – Hire an inspector every year to see if your backflow system is still okay. This is a requirement, so don’t miss this.
  • Cleanups – Check if there are mud clogs or dirt lodged onto your sprinkler. Then, remove them to preserve longevity.
  • Careful Mowing – One way of destroying your sprinkler is when you mow your lawn mindlessly. Be alert when you mow the grass to prevent damages.

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