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How to Care for your Self-Sustaining Garden

Your self-sustaining garden may not need much of your attention, but you still have to check it once in a while. Self-sustaining gardens are a very convenient. It can grow independently and provide you a good harvest. While it can stand alone, it still needs the maintenance in order to last long. Don’t fret however, this guide will have the hoping onto that top of the range recliner before you can say “by-golly”. To maintain your garden, here the different types of maintenance methods that you can do:

Check Soil Quality

In order for a garden to thrive, one of the most basic elements needed is a healthy soil. Rich soil should be introduced to your seedlings because this is where they take their nutrients. If you have a good set of soil at home, it’ll mostly do all the work for you. To keep your garden healthy, choose organic compost. It’s much cheaper and more effective. You can also use animal wastes or rotten fruits as a supplement.


While some self-sustaining gardens have automated sprinklers, others rely on manual watering. If the season is dry, you shouldn’t rely on rain to keep your garden alive. Morning dew will not suffice too. Make sure to water your plants daily if necessary. It will depend on the weather condition on how often you’ll water your plants.

Disease and Pest Control

Even the most organic gardens can’t get away from pests and diseases. Despite its natural and healthy soil, you still need to add extra protection. To battle harmful elements, manual removal can greatly benefit your garden. You can also do crop rotation and companion planting. Replant your seeds in different locations together with their complementing plants.

When you follow these simple steps, you’ll have no problem be lounging on your outdoor recliner and enjoying the view of your healthy garden. Nothing is more relaxing than seeping juice in a beautiful garden.

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