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How to Take Care of your Indoor Plants

For some, the yard isn’t the only place where they set up their garden. One can also build a garden indoors.

For the plant lovers, their interior design will not be complete without a plant to freshen up the scene. We have received many requests to cover indoor plants and inparticular, making the bedroom more “wild”. We imagine you already have your peer reviewed extra firm mattress. So while this is a good idea, it isn’t an easy plan for beginners. Plants are alive, and they need constant nourishment. While we can easily provide them with water, we need to adjust in terms of providing plants with enough sunshine. Thus, if you plan to have a mini garden arranged inside your home, like in your bedroom, you will have to place it in a strategic location. Here is what you’ll have to do:

Expose your Plant to Sunlight

If your plant can’t withstand constant shade, you will have to place it where the light comes in. You can place it near the windows. Make sure to open the blinds to let the light through.

Avoid Overwatering

Since you have limited soil, you’ll drown your plant if you water it too much. Make sure that you prepare a saucer beneath your pot. Once it becomes full, throw away the excess water since it attracts pests, and it rots your plants.

Provide Moisture

If you notice your plant having brown spots on its leaves, it means that the air is too dry. You can tackle this problem by spraying a mist of water once in a while.

Have Cleaning Sessions

If left for too long, your plant will be covered by dust. If this happens, it’ll have a hard time absorbing sunlight. Wipe off the dust with a damp cloth or spray it with water to wash away the impurities.

Houseplants can make your living quarters look refreshing. However, it will only add stress if you don’t know how to take care of them. If you want to lessen your burden, you can install an automatic watering device. You can easily buy a device and attach it to your houseplants. It is simple and comes with instructions. Basically, you will just have to attach the pump on a tube and place one end in a container of water and the other end on the plants. Once you’re settled, you’ll only have to set the timer, and you’re done.

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