About Us

Greetings visitors! I am Louise and I believe that plants aren’t solely dependent on us. They can perform on their own if supported well. I created The Flower Pot because I know that installing self-sustaining gardens can help you the way it has helped me. You’ll be surprised how rewarding it is to have one in your yard.

The Flower Pot is a blog site where gardeners all over the world gather and share their love for gardening. This site contains tips on how to create a self-maintaining garden and how to take care of it.

Self-sustaining gardens are becoming a fad nowadays. Now that most of us are busier than ever, it’s hard to divide our time equally. Thus, spending some quality moments with our gardens is hard to get by. This inspired The Flower Pot to create an informative blog that teaches gardeners to make their own D.I.Y projects and successfully install a self-maintaining garden in their households.

Site History

The Flower Pot started with just an idea. It came to be when I stumbled upon a blog post about self-sustaining gardens. I brushed it off at first but eventually got convinced when my friend showed me one. This ultimately happened when I went for a weeklong trip and came back only to be welcomed by my wilted patch of tomatoes. Since then, I became an advocate of self-maintaining gardens.

I believe that self-maintaining gardens are beneficial for busy individuals who are constantly on the go. Gardening should be accessible for all. Just because a person doesn’t have the time, it doesn’t mean that he can’t enjoy a full operating garden.

Self-maintaining gardens may require your effort and time in the beginning, but when they are finally settled, you can already enjoy harvesting the fruits of your labor. The Flower Pot is now home to several garden enthusiasts and is still growing today.