Win Big

Self-maintaining gardens are not only a convenient way of producing food, but it also maximizes your time because of its independent nature. As a tribute, the Self-Maintaining Garden Competition will be held and is open for all participants around the region. Everyone is encouraged to join this event as this does not only come with a huge grand prize, but it can also be an informative experience for all.

In this event, free demonstrations, general discussions, and guidelines are shared with individuals who are interested in having their own self-maintaining gardens. There would also be games and booths wherein you could purchase merchandises along the sidelines and win awesome prizes. This is certainly a fun day for all families who are into gardening.

The main event would be the garden competition. Only ten members are allowed to join, so register as soon as possible. You can register a week before the competition on this site. During the competition, the participants would showcase their self-maintaining gardens through a portfolio and a structured model of their gardens. Judges will choose the winner based on the creativity, originality, and effectiveness of the garden. The chosen top three participants will be given cash prizes.

3rd Placer: $50,000

  2nd Placer: $100,000

 1st Placer: $150,000

The rest of the participants may not win any cash prizes, but everyone is given freebies and tips to improve their self-maintained garden. This event only happens annually, so expect that it will be an event full of learning.